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The Future of Transacting


Meet Pennykoin[PK] – a digital crypto money & banking service network that puts you in control of your money. 

​Secure & Private. 

​With PK, you can have a digital money account and instant savings account that work together, a credit card[1], Mobile POS payments[2] and you can manage them all through super-smart wallet apps. 

​PK lets you spend, save and borrow[3] in one place.

Core PK Network Strengths


PK protects privacy

Created to offer the highest level of privacy, PK uses special technology called RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions). It allows PK network to conceal sources & amounts of each transaction, making it highly resistant to any analysis.


PK transactions are untraceable

Transactions and addresses are encrypted, hidden from prying eyes. No transactions can be linked to a named user. Due to 100% fungibility and transaction mixing, coins cannot be marked or used for tracking of user transactions.


PK funds are safu

Using the power of distributed consensus, the technology behind the security of blockchain, you do not need to trust a 3rd party to keep your funds safe. You are your own bank and safe deposit box.

Be Your Own Banker

Pennykoin [PK] network is all about providing users with secure & private banking.

Your PK Addresses are your Bank Accounts and PK Wallets are your Banking Apps.

You own and decide with whom you are going to share any information about your banking. No manager or bank employee to pry and gossip, no government agency or other corporate entity to extract the data against your will.

Technologies such as Stealth Addresses, Ring Signatures, and inherent fungibility, provide you with heightened levels of privacy and security.

Pennykoin [PK] original and pragmatic monetary policies present you with a suite of financial benefits. These attributes, combined with our fundamental commitment to an intuitive user experience, give the Pennykoin Network a unique opportunity to fulfil the global demand for a true common-sense currency.

Smart Simple Saving

Pennykoin [PK] introduces simple and painless savings account.

Don’t just leave your funds doing nothing. Make your money work for You harder!

Pennykoin [PK] Savings account works like a Fixed Bond account. Deposit your money for a fixed amount of time and you will receive a fixed rewarding rate.

Perfect if you’re not saving for next week or next month.

Minimum Deposit: 25.000 PK

Fixed Term: 3 Months

Fixed Rate: 1% (4.4% annually if you re-deposit every three months)

Smart -> Simple -> Pennykoin[PK] Savings Account

*Example: If you deposit 1.000.000PK at the start of the term Smart Saving will net you 1.010.000PK at the end of the term.

Simple Flat Transfer Fees

Pennykoin [PK] network likes to run things the simple way. No big nuts to crack, no big equations.

There is just one simple transfer fee on Pennykoin [PK] network. That’s it. No calculation for minimum for transactions to confirm or adding more to get ahead of the line.

There is no limit to the size of transaction. One fee for buying a coffe or transferring your million dollar endowment. You will always pay the same Simple Flat Fee.

Smart -> Simple -> Pennykoin[PK] Transfer Fee

Secure Simple Messages

Pennykoin[PK]messages are always end-to-end encrypted by the power of the Pennykoin secure and private blockchain making communication private and safe proof from any prying eye.

We can’t read your messages and no one else can either.

With PK Messages you control your messages and how long you want them to appear. Set the self destruction timer and they will vanish forever when the timer is out.

Secure -> Simple -> Pennykoin[PK] Message

*PK Messages do occur a transaction fee which depends on the length of the message.