About $PK


Do you remember when you first got interested in cryptocurrency? 

It was such a cool feeling to be a part of something that was gonna change the world. Then the money happened and now it just seems like something for investors to mess with, not an actual breakthrough in decentralised, egalitarian currency.

We want to bring that feeling back and make it stay forever.

Pennykoin [PK] was the ONLY actively developed, fairly launched coin based on XDN codebase, featuring encrypted messaging & deposits that accrue interest.    

Pennykoin [PK] intends to stand out in the fairly crowded privacy coin market by focusing on adoption/accessibility  and actual usage.

Accessibility is served by using familiar terms, and attempting to write documentation/software that is meant to be read & understood by EVERYONE, not just current cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Actual usage will be promoted via several sites and partnerships. Our aim is to make Pennykoin [PK] an actual usable private currency for anything you use your current national money for.

We will be detailing more in the development documents and on our communication channels.



Pennykoin [PK] Network is a COMMUNITY

Open source project with an active volunteering developers from all corners of the world.

Become a part of the community and contribute to Pennykoin decentralized network of miners, contributes, traders, and developers.



  • PoW algorithm: CryptoNight
  • Max supply: ~10 billion
  • Block reward: Decreasing yearly
  • Block time: 180 seconds
  • Difficulty: retargets at every block

Supply Emission

There will ever be 10 billion Pennykoins [PK] created. They are divided up to 2 decimal places, or 100 pennies each. Emission will be 20% the first year, then 10% for the next six years. After the community will decide for the final part of the emission reward not exceeding the initial limit of 10 billion.



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